Excel VBA Tutorials

Excel VBA Tutorials provide many lessons written in an easy manner to help you master Excel VBA macro programming. Our tutorials cover both Excel VBA programming for the older version of Excel as well as the newer version Excel 2010. However, the syntaxes remain the same as that of Visual Basic 6 even for the latest versions of Excel.In addition, we also run tutorials on Visual Basic, JavaScript, JQuery and Blockchain.

Our tutor Dr.Liew has authored an e-book, Excel VBA Made Easy that can be used as a reference book for your excel VBA projects. The book is also available on your mobile devices and kindle.

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by Dr.Liew

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What is VBA ?

VBA is the acronym for Visual Basic for Applications.  It is similar to the  Microsoft programming language Visual Basic except that it is embedded within the MS Office applications such as MS Excel, MS Words, MS Access, MS Powerpoint and more.  VBA allows you to create customized programs using the built-in Visual Basic Editor in MS applications.  These programs are also known as macros.  The macros can greatly enhance the functionality of the Microsoft applications.